National Languages of Niger 

Hausa Language
UCLA Hausa Home Page
Shafin Hausa na
Peace Corps Hausa Course for Niger
Hausa Verb Conjugation
Writing Hausa with Arabic and Latin Alphabets
World News in Hausa
BBC (Real Audio, text files)
Muryar Amurka (VOA)
(Real Audio ,text files, e-mail subscription)
Hausa History & Culture
EthnoAtlas: Hausa History
Art & Life in Africa: Hausa People
Africa Indigenous Studies: Hausa People
Hausa Folklore
Peace Corps Zarma Course
Zarma-English-Français  Dictionary,
   developed by Peace Corps-Niger
Notions élémentaires pour apprendre le zarma, site de Denis
Zarma: A Language of Niger (background)
Southern Songhay Speech Varieties in Niger
Peace Corps Kanuri Course
Kanuri Language Page - Handbook of African Language Resources
Kanuri - History & Society
Peace Corps Fula/Fulfulde Course
UCLA Language Materials Project: Fula
Tuareg Languages - General Information & Links
Peace Corps Tamazight Course
Tifinagh: Tamasheq Alphabet
updated August 18, 2013

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